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Ummeed Ki Sunahari Kiran is all about people

We have 6 years of experience of group counselling in defence sector, especially counselling of Defence Personnel and their families in cantonments on subjects like -anxiety, stress management, methods of de-stressing, child abuse, counselling of parents of adolescence, marital discord, save girl child, sexual harassment, early intervention and prevention of suicide cases.

In the education field ,we have been conducting counselling sessions on low achievers along with their parents, code of conduct of teachers, image management, time management and methods of de-stressing before examination.

Counselling in specialised areas that is

Health counselling 95%
Trauma counselling (PTSD) 85%
Sports counselling90%
Disaster counselling86%
Counselling of elderly citizens92%

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Anxiety and panic

Premarital counseling

Bipolar disorder

Child disorders

Internet addiction

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